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Top Cellular Industry The Cell Connection TMA requested the file format from the deadline set by the Telephony Section Department of Transportation for testing and certification of cellular devices. The Ministry of Transport has set a deadline of March, 2018 for your tactics to begin. In the Notice to Telephony Section, 75 major cell brands under the TMA banner asked the Secretary of State Telephony to increase the search time of the beginning of the method, by a minimum of one however, there were many issues that would impede the smooth removal of the proposed Telecommunications Engineering Center TEC regime for the filtering and qualification of telecommunication equipment MTCTE for cell phones. The 75 cell brands consist of leading brands such as Samsung Straight Talk, Micromax, Oppo, Respect, Karbonn, Celkon, One, In addition, Flextronics, Infocus, Techno, iTel, Coolpad, HiTech, Comio. The Cell Connection asked the Ministry of Transport to provide one calendar year's file format at a time to allow formulations to attempt mandatory cell phone testing and to promptly remedy any conditions that might occur, so that Mandatory tests may be carried out in a fluid and transparent manner. easy mode. "The lack of commercial infrastructure, the limited number of testing laboratories, the latest brands unprepared website, and the lack of individual certification screens have forced cell brands to apply for an extension," the statement said. Microsof company. Bhawna Kumari, President of the United States, The Cell Connection. Leaving comments for the very important How a tiny test and certification issue, Mister. Bhupesh Raseen, Managing Director - Cell Advisory Council, TMA, said: "The TEC MTCTE certification tests and specifications in the current state certainly can not be implemented for your Indian mobile sector, given the market atmosphere.

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