Top 10 Chick Movies Guys Would Enjoy Too

It is always an arduous task to find a movie that both you and your boyfriend/hubby would enjoy. If you are the one to choose Tv a movie to watch together, take advantage of that privilege and pick romance movies that you would personally enjoy. Better yet if this romance movie proposes other components that your guy would enjoy watch too. Here is then a Top 10 of the best chick movies your significant other would appreciate as well. These movies are probably so great you could want to add them to your home collection to watch them countless times without ever getting bored! 1- Crazy Stupid Love Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone make a gorgeous, funny couple. I mean a combination of Gosling's character womanizing and Emma's straightforward style is a pretty powerful cocktail. There's enough seduction play and thrilling scenes to enthrall your man too. Oh and Ryan Gosling is shirtless in the movie, so just for that… . 2- This Means War The movie is as much romance as it is a spy comedy. Two male (and sexy) best friends, who happen to be CIA agents, happen to date the same woman (the ever so elegant Reese Witherspoon). Who could say no to such a plot? 3- When Harry Met Sally This 1989 movie is one of those oldies that aged very well. Can a man and a woman ever be friends? Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan attempt to answer this philosophical question whenever Harry meets Sally. Did they find an answer to the question? I don't know, watch the movie. 4- Say Anything Also a 1989 movie, even if you didn't watch the movie you have surely heard about the ghetto blaster scene, where John Cusack holds the radio Video Games player above his head as it plays 'their song' loudly with Ione Skye listening at the window. One of the best high school romance movies ever. 5- Pitch Perfect There had to be a musical comedy movie in our list and it wasn't very hard to choose Pitch Perfect. Acapella competitions, difficult parent child relationship, journey from bottom to the top (after experiencing the usual initial humiliation) the movie has all the basic ingredients one expects to enjoy such kind of film. 6- Scoop Woody Allen has made innumerable movies, some legendary, a few less so. It was very difficult to choose one but we picked Scoop just because, well Scarlett Johansson… She forms an explosive hilarious duo with the ever so cynical Woody Allen in their quest to solve a series of murder. There's also romance in there with the handsome and mysterious Hugh Jackman.Cinéma "Le Festival" 7- Sleepless in Seattle Another older movie starring Meg Ryan, this 90s movie also stars Tom Hanks, whose character is grieving his wife's death, is manipulated by his son to enter a new relationship with Annie Reed (Meg Ryan) because she's a baseball fan. A classic! cinema netflix 8- Juno The harshness and responsibilities of adult life is forced upon the teenager played by the sweet (so sweet) Ellen Page with an unplanned pregnancy. You'll fall in love with her independent-mindedness and the amazing soundtrack of the film.allo ciné 9- The Princess Bride More of a family-type movie, this romance fantasy adventure comedy is a cult classic and one of the most rewatchable films of all time. A marvelous sweet journey of love and friendship filled with memorable lines and scenes. 10- Hitch Arguably the ultimate seduction movie, Hitch is a funny and entertaining comedy starring Will Smith. His character, Hitch, is a "date doctor" who helps other men conquer the hearts of the desired and unattainable woman. Not everything goes as planned though, especially in Hitch own attempt to seduce the sexy Eva Mendes.